Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and have a hard time making ends meet. Triggator's budget software can help you manage each paycheck so you can save money and pay off debt.

Enjoy life more ... worry about money less.

Here’s a story all about how Triggator got started … and how it got it’s funny name.

How to Worry About Money Less

If you stay hyper focused on your money, you can forget all about it.

Huh? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

The more you can account for your money, the better it behaves and the more you can trust it to be there when you need it. By keeping track of it, and having a plan for it, you can worry about money less and enjoy life more.

The Money Trifecta

There are three major components of money management:

  • Budget. Or in simpler terms, have a plan for spending your money. Know before you spend where your money is going.
  • Save. Short term for vacations and emergencies and long term for retirement.
  • Pay Off Debt. As fast as humanly possible. No one wants the burden of debt haunting them month after month.

The Forgotten Component …

In addition to the 3 main components, there’s something else that many of us forget to plan for.

It’s the irregular expenses that sneak up on us and wreak havoc on our budgets.

You know …

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Back to School
  • Car Registration/Maintenance
  • Annual Memberships
  • And on and on…

We think of these as “alligator expenses” because they sneak up on you the same way an alligator sneaks up on his prey.

Thus … Triggator

What do you get when you combine the money trifecta with an alligator?

Trifecta + Alligator = Triggator!

Introducing Triggator

Triggator is a budget software tool designed to help you with the major areas of money management along with tackling your alligator expenses.

  • Create a spending plan (aka budget) around your paycheck to help account for your money.
  • Set aside small amounts of money each paycheck to pay for irregular expenses that sneak up on you. (Alligator expenses). We'll help you set this up and keep track of this money.
  • Use Triggator’s debt payoff calculator to customize an accelerated debt pay off plan. Would you like to pay the highest interest first? Or the lowest balance? How much time and money would you save? When will you be debt free? Find out with our powerful debt calculator!

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