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Saving Money

Rock Your Dave Ramsey Baby Steps with Triggator

Love him or hate him, Dave Ramsey has created a pathway to financial freedom that has worked for millions of people. Dave Ramsey’s baby steps were created as a guide to help rid people of the burden of debt while building wealth for the future.

If you’ve started his baby steps, but could still use a little help, Triggator’s online budget app is completely compatible with Dave Ramsey’s process and will help you on your journey to becoming financially independent.

Here’s how Triggator can guide you through the baby steps.

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5 Post Pandemic Money Lessons You Need to Learn

Bringing peace and hope to your financial future …

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the world, it become more than just a deadly virus. Even if you escaped contracting the virus, no one was able to escape the widespread side effects that came from the global shutdown.

From job loss to depression to empty store shelves and loneliness, the impacts were unavoidable. There are some great financial lessons we can learn from all these hardships that should help to better prepare us for the future.

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How to Save Big on Groceries

Groceries can be a big expense in your budget.

Fortunately there are easy ways to cut costs on groceries on a consistent basis.

Follow the tips below and you could potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on groceries.

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The Quickest Way to Save for an Emergency

It doesn’t have to take a major natural disaster or a worldwide pandemic to realize you need to have a rainy-day fund.

Emergencies can take place in the form of a job loss or even a flat tire. If you don’t have the money in your paycheck or an emergency fund established, you’ll be in a world of hurt financially.

It’s time to ensure your family will be able to weather the storm, big or small. Here’s how you can quickly set up an emergency fund.

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